Altered States SciFi/Fantasy Map of America


1 MAP, 48 States & 136 ILLUSTRATIONS

An illustrated map of America populated with the legendary events and characters from popular science-fiction, horror and fantasy. From Giant Robot in Maine, to The Body Snatchers in San Francisco — this map features the most legendary events and characters to never exist in America.

The original video that was featured on Kickstarter before being crowd-funded on September 25, 2013.

Details of the Full Map (above)

Two detailed images featuring references including The Hunger Games, The Shining, Stargate, The Twilight Zone, Evil Dead, The Walking Dead, Edward Scissorhands, Contact and many others.

Regional Gallery (below)

Archival digital prints of the four regional versions of Altered States including The Northeast, The South, The Midwest and the West.

Other items produced later from this campaign include buttons of all 136 references, a letter press printed series of six postcards & two “We’re Moving” mailers and a whole series of Altered State Seals (see the project page). 

Stickers too. Available individually or as a set.