The American Society of Mechanical Engineers Awards



ASME Medal, established in 1920, is the highest award that the Society can bestow and is to recognize "eminently distinguished engineering achievement."

While other plants in the United States operate at supercritical pressure, the Turk Plant is the first where the final steam conditions exceed both the critical pressure and a temperature of 1,100 °F. Operating as an ultrasupercritical boiler, the Turk Plant has the highest net plant efficiency of any solid fuel power plant in the U.S.

Hugh Herr has developed bionic limbs, specifically powered foot ankle prostheses with multiple tendon-like actuators that stiffen and power gait.

Tesla motors and their body-sized battery is making electric cars more of an everyday reality.

In a demonstration of the state of the art in 3-D printing, Siemens has taken a 3-D printed gas turbine blade and successfully put it through the paces of a turbine operating at high temperature, pressure, and centrifugal force.

Thanks to Mobileye’s mix of AI, software development, massive data collection, and general ingenuity, we be able to travel safely with our eyes off the road and our hands off the steering wheel.