Scolastic: FasttMath



FASTT Math Next Generation is a Scholastic education product designed to help students accelerate their acquisition of math facts as well as help those who are struggling to catch up. Initially released in 2005, The Chopping Block worked closely with Scholastic to modernize the visual language, add some slick animations, integrate new math games and create a new Student Dashboard allowing students to gain ownership of their learning.

LINK TO THE APP: FASTT Math NG for Schools

Video Compilation (above)

Some key screens from the actual application include the typing test, basic problem solving, the Fact Matrix and an example of a reskin (see more at bottom).

Process Screens (below)

Some additional Fact Challenge screens from the application: Time Out, Fact Visualizer, Session End Screen and the Student’s Dashboard.

A part of the reward system was allowing students to re-skin the app interface. Chop Shop produced 20 background and color sets to transform the entire experience for students who reach specific goal. Themes include animals, insects, doodles, paint splatters, sports and many more.