Giant Leaps in Space Series


Giant Leaps in space Print Series I

Giant Leaps features three of the most important missions of human spaceflight in history as chosen by an open poll conducted by Chop Shop Studio over two months. The series is also the third in our overall series of space exploration prints

Adding the designs for Apollo 11, The International Space Station and Vostok 1 to this body of work and the two previous series including Voyager, Cassini, Curiosity, Mars Exploration Rovers, Sputnik, New Horizons, Rosetta, Galileo and The Planetary Society’s LightSail design — the full number of space exploration prints comes to a full dozen. 

The Full Series (above)

The trio of screen prints, framed and mounted. Including Apollo 11, The International Space Station and Vostok 1.

Stickers (below)

Circular stickers were also produced for the campaign are are currently for sale independently or as a full set on

Details (below)

From the foil on the Lunar Excursion Module to fuel cells of Vostok 1, the machinery and equipment required for the exploration of space also requires lots of illustrated detail.