The Planetary Society: LightSail


Fan of The Planetary Society? We’d bet you would like to build a telescope to find another Earth… wouldn’t you? Project Blue wants to and is now funding on Kickstarter.



When we started our Historic Robotic Spacecraft Print Series on Kickstarter, we included three additional “goals” should the campaign exceed our expectations. The last of these goals was to donate a limited edition screen printed poster design (see below) to The Planetary Society for all their help promoting the campaign on social media. 

They in-turn ended up using that poster as the central reward in their own record-breaking Kickstarter campaign and hired Chop Shop Studio to design the official mission patch. Then on May 20, 2015 LightSail was launched into orbit and became the first privately funded all-science space mission in history. 

Mission Patch Renders (above)

Three variations of the mission patch were generated for multiple uses. From left to right: flat, graded and embroidered. 

LightSail Screen Print (below)

The 300 donated screen prints of LightSail were gone within the first 8 hours of their campaign.

The original limited edition LightSail mission poster. 3-color screen print on 20"x36" Strathmore black.

While the donated 300 copies are long gone… has retained enough copies of LightSail to offer when purchasing the full Historic Robotic Spacecraft Series of prints.

 Image of the deployed solar sails in earth orbit.

Image of the deployed solar sails in earth orbit.