Phish’s Save the Date


Save the Date website teaseS OUT
THE LOCATION OF Phish’s 8TH Festival

After a long hiatus in 2004, Phish returned with a new album and announced Festival 8 which was their first in many years. Chopping Block designed the Save the Date teaser for which contained an animated map of the United States, where individual states were slowly removed from the map over many days, eventually leaving California as the location of the event.

ARCHIVED: See Mini Player on The Chopping Block Blog

Video compilation of the animated state removals which occured over several weeks.

Animated Transitions (above)

A few examples of the creative ways that were created for removing states from the map.


ID Marks For 8 (below)

Many ideas were presented for the Festival 8 logo. The first one in the gallery is the one that was ultimately used.