Uniphi: Paved with Stars


Uniphi Space Agency

Uniphi Space Agency represents an amazing roster of truly unique Astronauts. To celebrate this amazing “Crew” and all the incredible things they have experienced as Astronauts Uniphi asked Chop Shop Studio to create a limited edition, unique, collectable with a fresh approach to the way Astronauts have been portrayed in the past. Not just the “Traditional Astronaut Portrait”.

Hero image used for the Kickstarter campaign.

Kickstarter Header (above)

This project was crowd-funded on Kickstarter in 2015. And the image above was used as the “cover image” for the campaign.

Portraits (below)

A limited number of screen-print portraits of all 18 Astronauts were also produced for the uniphi space agency “Crew” to sign and sell at live events as premium items.

Each portrait also included 5 icons to reflect their own personal experience and personality. These icons had a wide range of themes from regional pride to military training to the number of spacewalks that particular astronaut had completed (below).