National Constitution Center: Election Central



The National Constitution Center’s Election Central was an interactive exhibit built for the 2012 race for the presidency and in 2013, the exhibit was re-designed to be more timeless. In this more historic version, visitors are served up a randomly generated match-up between a Democrat and Republican from modern history. They might decide a race between for example; Kennedy and Reagan, Roosevelt and H.W. Bush or Carter and Nixon as examples. In addition to the interactives, we also created the brand, the voting booths, two projections as well as the physical exhibit graphics in the space. 

The center projection cycles through random match-ups and displays the results determined by actual votes cast by the Center’s visitors..

Booth Interface (first video below)

Participants are served up a randomized match-up. They are then shown various quotes by each candidate and asked which they agree with most. Afterwards it is revealed which President they most agreed with and are asked to vote freely regardless of the results.

Projections (2nd & 3rd videos)

The projections reveal the results at the Center by party & issues and by each match-up. Included in one is a tally of the Presidents from most popular to least popular running along the bottom. 

Results by party and issue

Results by match-up