They Might Be Giants: No!


No! Songs for Children

“No!” was the first album by They Might Be Giants specifically geared for children. Chop Shop (then Chopping Block) created the identity, print materials and a whole imaginary world for “No!” and it’s cast of characters to exist in. 

CD jacket cover

CD special edition jacket back 

In addition to the printed material, an interactive CD-ROM was included with No!. Fourteen of the album’s eighteen songs were fully animated and most included varying levels of interaction.

As in song, the “Fibber Island” interactive features a house and dog that become a house made of pie with a dog two-miles wide.

A key moment in “Violin” comes when the user is able to sort through quarter segments of George Washington’s head which culminates in four segmented presidential heads of Mount Rushmore.

Pages from the lyrics booklet, cover and disc.

Pages from the lyrics booklet, cover and disc.

Printed Material (above)

The print material for the CD included a mini-booklet of lyrics illustrated with characters and scenes from the CD-ROM. 

Screengrabs (below)

Additional scenes from the No! CD-ROM including the splash page, Robot Parade, I Am Not Your Broom, Bed, Bed, Bed, I Am a Grocery Bag, There’s a House at the Bottom of the Hill, Where Do They Make Balloons, Fibber Island and Violin.